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About XONA

Xona is a lifestyle company that seeks to promote the rich afro-caribbean lifestyle full of colorful people, like the national bird the Saint Lucian Amazon, scientifically known as the Amazona versicolor. We want to shift the view of our people, to something that empowers the people to see their own potential and the life they deserve. Our people should feel like the elite of the island, wear their culture like crowns. A perfect combination of Caribbean history and Caribbean luxury. This company has enabled the natives to own their own wine, a private membership club, and of course, like the celebratory people we are, we hope to dazzle you with our seasonal all inclusive events.


Xona is about choosing to live the life you know you deserve, Unlocking a new level of the higher self. It is also the opportunity to reinvest in our people, our island and our culture not just economically, but also spiritually.


Founded by Jada Whitney Francis in 2019, who had a passion for wine, cultural development and her people.

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